Mother’s Day Mini-Session Recap

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all of you amazing moms out there! A few weekends ago, we had our 7th annual Mother’s Day mini-sessions. These sessions are always a favorite because it’s usually our first time back behind the camera after a long winter and it’s great to be back out there in beautiful, colorful nature again. So many Mother’s Day minis families come back year after year, and it’s been amazing watching these kids grow up behind the lens. It’s always fun to compare this year’s photos to previous years.

This year’s group of 8 different families included 5 we have photographed before. Some of these families we have started working with more recently, and others we’ve watched grow from just husband and wife to family with children.

We usually split up the locations for the morning batch of sessions and the evening group for some variety. This year though, the delayed bloom of the redbud and dogwood trees and field of daffodils didn’t leave any doubt in our mind that Blandy was the best choice of location for both groups.

The morning group of 4 families went smoothly. We had sunlight, warming temperatures, and not many other Blandy visitors to work around, making it easy! The evening group of 3 families had a little bit of a trickier time. It was prom night and Blandy was PACKED with couples and their photographers, whether they be family and friends, or professionals. We also had some quick rain showers in and out, but thankfully no heavy downpours and the sun continued to shine in the distance making for a beautiful sky towards the end of the evening.

One family (our neighbors) needed to reschedule due to sudden illness, so we did their session a week later at another neighbor’s house. They have a backyard oasis full of bleeding hearts and allium among other flowers. It was even more beautiful than Blandy was, so it ended up working out in family #8’s favor and we were thrilled to try out a different location.

We are so happy with the way this year’s photos turned out and we hope our clients are just as pleased.

Mini-Session or General Session?

Lots of clients wonder if a mini-session or general 1-hr session is better for their family. Both types of sessions have benefits depending on what you’re hoping to get out of your family photos.

Mini-sessions are an affordable option to update your family photos, to capture photos for holiday cards or gifts, or to capture your growing baby/toddler between general sessions. We typically offer these twice a year. Our mini-sessions are twenty minutes long and run back to back with other clients throughout an entire day (10-12 sessions per day). Location, date, and time are pre-selected by the photographer. Time does not allow for more than five individuals per session or any type of wardrobe change. Clients receive 10-15 final images and a percentage discount on optional professional prints.

Photo from a mini-session shows a more direct portrait approach.

General sessions run a full hour and the focus is entirely on your family that day. There is no rushing, which leaves time for babies and children to warm up to those crazy people behind the big camera so we can get natural smiles, more candids, and truly capture the connections in your family. The location and time of day is your choice and there is time for quick wardrobe changes if desired. The greatest advantage of booking a general session is that we have time to get to know your family and what works best to get the kind of photos you desire. You get a full story on your hour spent with us by receiving 40+ images returned in both color and black and white versions along with a print credit to use towards an optional professional print order (we are happy to provide guidance in placing your print order).

Photo from a general session showing more emotion and connection between family members.

Both types of sessions will give you those updated family photos you desire. One offers more affordability, while the other offers more flexibility and choice. It all comes down to what you think will work best for your family. If you are still unsure, we are always here to help! Feel free to get in touch with us to talk through your options at any time.