The Process

Now that our busiest time of year – fall photo season – is in full swing, we thought it would be a good time to share how our process works.

If you have booked a fall photo session, you will receive an email from us a few days before your session to confirm the time, balance due, and location options. For Saturday sessions, we typically email on Tuesdays. For Sunday photos, we email on Wednesdays. This gives us a more accurate look at the weekend forecast in case we need to come up with a plan B due to weather. 

Once everything is confirmed, we’ll meet you at the chosen photo location by the start of your session time. Please do everything in your power to arrive on time. We understand it may be difficult, especially with little ones and their unpredictable nature. We schedule your session time to coincide with the optimal lighting at that time of day, and arriving late may cause you to lose out on session time resulting in fewer images returned to you.

When your session is completed, we get to work on editing your images. Included in your session fee is minor retouching and color correction. Our goal is to have your photos look as completely natural as possible, so we do not add any special effects or go beyond the editing of small blemishes. We understand that accidents happen, especially with children, so if something occurs leading up to your photo session that you think would require heavy editing (a goose-egg, stitches, sunburn, etc.), PLEASE get in touch with us to discuss this before your session. Sometimes it is best to reschedule in these cases.  

When your images are edited and everything is complete, we will send you an email with your .zip file containing your finalized full-resolution images in both color and black & white versions. Your .zip file also includes a PDF print release that you may print and take to your lab of choice to print your images. Included in your email will be a link to your private gallery with password that you are welcome to share with family and friends. From this gallery, there is the option to order professional prints if you desire. These prints will be of much higher quality and true color compared to what a local lab can provide. The pricing reflects this quality and may not fit into everyone’s budget. To help offset this cost, your session includes a $25 print credit that you or a family member may apply to one order. 

Our goal is to return your images to you within one week of your session. We take pride in offering a fast turnaround rate as we know you are anxious to see your images, get them printed, and display them.